Postpartum Doula  & Breastfeeding Education Service

Nurturing, Integrating, and Educating

families during their magical time after birth.


Prenatal Breast/chestfeeding Class 101 at Home

Single visit, 2-3 hours  

$ 75.00 per session

How does this work? :

  •  I visit your home before your baby is here to educate you on the art and power of breastfeeding with evidence-based information. I highly encourage you to have your support person (spouses, partners, friends, parents...) attend this with you especially you are breastfeeding for the first time.  

  • We cover: The Anatomy, Techniques, Myths, Risks of Not Breastfeeding, Common Concerns, Medications & Breastfeeding, Work & Pump, Resources, and more.  We also discuss your individual strategies and realistic plan & goals. At the end you are provided with a list of local resources to ensure you are supported throughout your breastfeeding journey!

  • I can suggest on how to create your nursing friendly environment (a quiet and comfy nursing station, night parenting & sleeping arrangement, etc) going around your house so you have a realistic and workable plan for the first few weeks and beyond. 

In-Home Breast/chestfeeding Education & Support

          Single visit,  about 1-2 hours  

         $ 75.00 per visit 

         How does this work? :

  • I visit your home to spend about 60-90 mins (between 8 am- 4 pm) to observe breastfeeding routine and environment to give you advice and Plan of Care.  

  • I assist and educate on various common concerns such as getting enough milk, latches, nipple pains, breastfeeding and sleeping, various positions and pumping instructions.  

  • Any medical complications will be recommended to a medical professional.  

  • Emails, calls or texts to follow up for the next week or two.  

Serving South Bay and surrounding areas. 


     Please feel free to discuss with me if you have financial difficulties.

I am flexible to work with anyone who wants my service.

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