Postpartum & Lactation & Postnatal Bodywork 

Nurturing, Integrating, and Educating

families during their magical time after birth.


Prenatal Breast/chestfeeding Class 101 In-Person Private or Zoom


$ 75.00/In-person at YOUR home or Zoom 

3 -3.5 hrs, Single Class

In the comfort of your own home & at your convenient time frame, this single 3-hour course will provide basic facts and how-tos of breast/chestfeeding, so the families gain confidence and feel empowered for the new journey. Not only new parents, but support persons and relatives are welcome to join!


Basic outline (can be customized to your needs): 

  • Benefit of Human Milk

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Positions & Latch

  • Getting Enough

  • Feeding Plan

  • Common Concerns

  • Pump & Equipment

  • Returning to Work

  • Nutrition & Medication

  • Myths

  • Support Systems

  • Resources


We will do some demos & practices, so grab your teddy bear (or a doll) & pillows and sit back on a couch or bed. I will also give you a follow up once your baby is here to see how things are. 

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