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Doula/Lactation Support/Postnatal Body Care 

Nurturing your confidence and empowering moments for your magical journey.

Postpartum Doula  & Breastfeeding Education Service

Nurturing, Integrating, and Educating

families during their magical time after birth.


postnatal body care 


Southeast Asian Inspired Postnatal Care

I am trained in Malaysian-style postnatal care practice, which includes abdominal care & binding (Bengkung), Yoni sauna (Bertangas), and healing meal preps. 

Why Malaysian?  Well, Malaysia has the lowest rate of postpartum mood disorders & complications in the world -- as little as 3% compared to America's 15-20%!  Since the country consists of such rich, diverse cultures -- Malay, Chinese, and Indian Ayurvedic customs combined, their postpartum care is very thorough and everyone knows it's a STANDARD. Also, postpartum is a COLD state, which means, your body requires a lot of warming practices.  South Asian warming herbs and spices help speed up your recovery, AND their wonderful aroma just relaxes you!

In America, birthing person often doesn't get to see an OBGYN until 6 weeks postpartum even though the first 44 days is SO CRUSIAL for a proper recovery, physically & mentally (Blessings to those who chose a midwifery care!). All birthing people should receive warm, hands-on care after going though a nearly 9-month marathon!

This is separate from Postpartum Doula service scope. Book these service visits separately or add on to the postpartum visits.  

Abdominal Treatment & Binding or Wrapping 

$ 75.00- $350 (From demo only to up to 3 treatment visits)

BENGKUNG, a traditional Malaysian belly binding by weaving a long cloth around the torso promotes fast recovery and proper support of weaken core. The Mommy Wrap is alternative option -- modernized & simplified version of binding which can be purchased at Eco Postnatal Care.  

Start with warm your belly with the herbal compress and oil, then apply herbal firming paste before binding. The scent of wonderful herbs can help you relax, warm your body, and releases the retained water   

You'll learn how to self-bind or wrap during the visit. It is recommended that you wear at least 6 hours during a day for every or every other day for 6-8 weeks (although traditionally worn for 12 hours a day daily!). Can't wear that long? That's ok! It's still better than nothing. The result shows! 

The service is offered with or without warm herbal treatments.

Benefits include: 

  • Relieved back pain.

  • Stabilized loosen ligaments.

  • Support the spine and improves the energy level. 

  • Encourages repair and closing of the abdominal muscles -- diastasis recti.

  • Materials on the hips encourages cervix to close faster and supports weekend perineum.

  • Provides support to the torso while virtual organs return to their pre-pregnancy position.

Yoni Sauna (Vaginal Steaming)

 $ 75.00 per session

Yoni Sauna is a feminine hygiene and wellness practice from ancient cultures all over the world. You sit on a stool with steaming herbs from the bottom and can be done between menstrual periods to cleanse, circulate better and improve overall energy.


In Southeast Asia, steaming is important part of postpartum recovery. Once lochia slows or stops, you can start steaming with herbs specifically designed for postpartum. Postnatal steaming is only done for 20 minutes at a time and the steam gently warm your entire body.

​It's a simple set up. I bring all the equipment to you. Find a place with a power access for the steamer.  Once the herbal steam is going, you sit with a full-body cape and just chill with music, audio book, etc... The heat tolerance varies by person to person. Even though postnatal steaming is very gentle, your whole body feels heated up. Make sure to drink a plenty of water or herbal tea after the session! 

Benefits includes: 

  • Helps softens and melts blood clots in lochia for easy passing

  • Reduces excessive vaginal discharge

  • Eliminate foul odor

  • Helps toxins in the body to be removed

  • Helps mending vaginal tear and cuts

  • Helps tighten the pelvic floor muscles

  • Helps energy levels and improve women’s health

 Contact me for more details & availability!  Serving South Bay and Surrounding Areas. 

*** Postnatal Body Care is NOT a medical advice or diagnosis and the practice here does not replace your medical treatment. It is a feminine hygiene practice that has been done for centuries. If there is any concern on getting services above, please consult with your health care provider before booking.  ***


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