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Doula/Lactation Support/Postnatal Body Care 

Nurturing your confidence and empowering moments for your magical journey. 

In-Home Breast/chestfeeding Counseling

Single visit,  about 1-2 hours  

 Are you having a trouble latching your baby? Do you have nipple pains? Or are you too tired and don't know if you can keep up nursing? First of all, I applause you for committing to breast/chestfeeding your baby/babies! It is A LOT of work !! I assure you that these concerns are very common and workable with plenty of support. 

I visit your home to listen to you, observe your nursing session, and assess the environment. Nursing is not just feeding, but the it is a comfort and bonding that involves the entire family and the surroundings.


I work with common concerns such as:


  • ​Achieving optimal latch

  • Finding comfortable nursing positions 

  • Reassuring to get enough milk

  • Nipple pains /Clogged Ducts

  • Baby behaviors

  • Nursing & Sleeping strategies

  • Pump & storage instructions

  • Bottle feeding /Returning to Work 

  • How your partner /support person can help you

  • YOUR nutrition, 


I work with normal range of nursing challenges. If there is any medical concerns, I will refer you to a medical professionals such as Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Occupational Therapist, Pediatric Dentist etc.  

Don't wait too long! Contact me today for a talk first! 

Serving South Bay and surrounding areas. 


     Please feel free to discuss with me if you have financial difficulties.

I am flexible to work with anyone who wants my service.


Lactation Support

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