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Doula/Lactation Support/Postnatal Body Care 

Nurturing your confidence and empowering moments for your magical journey. 

Labor & Birth Doula

It take a Village. You are not birthing alone....

What does the support look like? 


  • Basic Prenatal Educations and Resources

    • I meet you and your partner in-person 1-3 times depending on how much time we have before birth and go over your birth preference and questions.

    • Topics can be: prenatal nutrition, body preparation for birth, ​fears & coping skills, comfort measures, basic anatomy and physiology of labor & birth, lactation basics, how your partner can support, and postpartum expectations & preparations, etc.

    • I encourage you to take a childbirth class with your partner such as Hypnobirthing, so you can gain confidence and reassurance. I can refer you to fabulous educators near you. 

    • Let's practice comfort measures such as counter pressures, positions, and props during labor. This also prepares your partner for participating in the welcoming of your baby. . 

    • You want to surround yourself with loving care. I can provide you with referrals to perinatal professionals such as acupuncturist, chiropractor, and prenatal yoga instructor near you to prepare your mind and body for the birth you desire.

  • Labor & Birth Attendance

    • From 37 weeks gestation, I am on call to take your call & text 24/7. Notify me as soon as you have signs of labor. 

    • As your labor progresses, we communicate closely and assess when I can join you at home or at a birthing place. 

    • Depending on the birthing facility's policy, I stay close to you as long as I am allowed and able to coach you through your birthing journey. 

    • I encourage your partner to actively participate in this journey.  I support your partner by giving them breaks, reminding your birth preference and options, and cheering their amazing effort.  

    • Every birth is unpredictable, especially the first time. And every birth is so unique. I celebrate with you and stay with you 1-2 hours after birth to make sure everything is well.

  • Postpartum Visit

    • I come & visit you for a few hours to do a check-in with you within two weeks after birth. You might want to process your birth story. You might have lactation or sleep challenges to discuss. Or you might need additional help around the house. 

    • I can provide a local resource list to help manage your postpartum life physically & emotionally (e.g. overnight support, Pelvic PT, support groups, etc.). 

Contact me today for a free consultation.

Serving South Bay and surrounding areas. 


     Please feel free to discuss with me if you have financial difficulties. I am flexible to work with anyone who wants my service. If I cannot provide the service you need, I can refer you to other amazing fellow birthworkers who could take care of you.

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Father with Newborn Baby
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