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Doula/Lactation Support/Postnatal Body Care 

Nurturing your confidence and empowering moments for your magical journey. 

Daytime Support  


4-8 hrs per visit / Between 8 am and 4 pm

$45.00 - $55.00/hr   

What does the support look like? 


  • Before birth, I'd like to visit your home to get familiar with the "work place" and visualize the support. Also, this is for you to feel comfortable with me in your private space before sensitive postpartum time. If time is not allowed, I can also do a virtual intake via Skype or FaceTime. 

  • Inform me on the status as much as you can. In order for me to serve you on the first or next day home (or on the same day of home birth), notify me as soon as you or your partner is in labor. So I can assess when your first day home would be. 

  • There would be a lot of assessments and trials on a first week. How is everyone feeling? Have you showered or eaten yet? How is your breast/chestfeeding going for you? If you'd like, I can cuddle your baby while you nap or shower and I can tidy up the space, so you don't feel too overwhelmed.  Once you had some breakfast, let's look at your baby's feeding. Or you need help assembling your breastpump or setting up with baby gear. We really go with the flow! Every family and every baby is different.

  • As we work together, we gradually establish a " flexible routine". I can show your partner how to do babywearing, so you can take a nap while they go on a walk! Perhaps your fur baby needs a major attention because pets need adjustments, too! When your partner has to return to work, I could accompany with your doctors appointments, so you get to used to the driving with your baby and public breastfeeding. You may have a lot of questions about infant sleep. I offer evidence-based educations from baby development to lactation hormones. Education allows you make informed decisions, which leads to your confidence. My goal as a doula is to empower you as the family, so you can "wean off" a doula!  

  • I'd love to cook for you! If you are interested in healing meals using multicultural traditional ingredients, let me know. I respect your own cultural meals and I'd love to learn as well. I believe in food being medicine and ancestors' wisdom for your important journey!

Contact me today for a free consultation.

Serving South Bay and surrounding areas. 


     Please feel free to discuss with me if you have financial difficulties. I am flexible to work with anyone who wants my service. If I could not provide the service you need, I can refer you to other amazing fellow birthworkers who could take care of



Postpartum Doula

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