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Doula/Lactation Support/Postnatal Body Care 

Nurturing your confidence and empowering moments for your magical journey. 

For Pregnancy, Postpartum, & Lactation  

$ 25.00/hour  


How does this work? :

  • With the convenience of a Zoom call, now we can virtually connect wherever you are in the world! You want to stay safe, but pregnancy can be isolating. It is challenging to leave the house during postpartum. Sometimes, validation and reassurance can make a huge confidence booster.   

  • We go over any pregnancy-postpartum-lactation questions you may have. My consultation is a NOT a medical advice, but I can provide recommendations to healthcare professionals if needed.   

  • Topics may include:

    • Birth preferences​

    • Care provider recommendations 

    • Fear & Concerns on labor/birth

    • Common medical terms & interpretation

    • Difficulty latching 

    • Is my baby getting enough? 

    • How to soothe a fussy baby

    • How to adjust to the postpartum life

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