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Doula  (/ˈduːlə/) is a Greek word which means a woman who serves.


   A postpartum doula provides emotional, physical, and evidence-based educational support to the families during the first 12 weeks following the birth (the 4th trimester). Doulas are professionally trained in postpartum adjustment, newborn characteristics, feeding, development, and the promotion of parent-infant bonding. A doula offers non-judgmental support and companionship to the family.


   In many traditional cultures, families and neighbors who come to a home of a birthing mother to help with housekeeping and educations while they give the mother plenty of time to rest, recover, and become independent as a new mother.

Research shows women who experience support during postpartum period have:

  • a greater success at breastfeeding,

  • stronger self-confidence,

  • less postpartum depression,

  • and lower incidents of abuse than those who do not.  


   There are many medical doctors and nurses, innovative baby gears to help ease of parenting, and confusing amount of online resources out there, but hands-on in-home supports by the village tends to be missing from our modern societies. Doulas are here to recreate the village by filling in the “gap” of different roles.

What a doula does not do is a clinical tasks or diagnosis as she is not licensed for it. Also a doula is a different from a baby nurse or babysitter instead, she integrates the baby with the family. The greatest accomplishment as a doula is when the family gains the confidence to weans off a doula. 

   A doula assists a mother with her self-recovery measures, light chores, baby laundry, tidying the house, prepping meals, breastfeeding support, washing pump parts, sibling care, education on baby care basics to the family members, and providing local resources and referrals.


   Please have a look at this video from DONA International about how doula can help and benefit.


   The Essential Ingredients: Doula - Video Presentation by DONA International.

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